How to Publish your book in Nigeria?

How to Publish your book in Nigeria?

Before you start writing a book you need to put in consideration what your book is talking about, its concept and context. If you are the type of person that starts writing on a book before thinking of the topic you definitely on a path of failure. If you want to publish a book, you need to consider some questions like: would anyone read it? What is the reason for you writing this book? Who is your target audience?

There are steps to take to publish a book in Nigeria, which are:

Concept of the book should be clear

Do not just feel you can jump into writing a book without getting a concept of why and what you want to write about. Also, make research on whether if there is a point of you publishing that book in the first place.

Develop your book

Before you write on book, make research on your chosen topic. It is good to have clear structure to avoid pot holes. It is important you know what you are talking about to avoid diversion.

Get to Writing

You know you cannot publish something you haven’t written. So you have to put your head up and gain inspiration and get to writing. Use your outline and gained knowledge to create the book. Do not be discouraged if inspiration doesn’t come or things don’t go according to plan rather you could make changes to your initial plans and also take breaks to allow inspiration come back.

Proofread your text and prepare Manuscript

After writing always remember to read thoroughly and eliminate any mistake. Also, you could give your work to someone that is good at grammar and punctuation to help you out. When every commas and punctuations have been rightly placed then you turn your writings into a manuscript that you will then show to your publisher, or if you want to self-publish it then you can send into print.

Publishing the book

If you want to publish your book to someone, you should send out your manuscript to various publishing houses just in case. If you rather prefer to publish your book by yourself, then all you have to do is find a printer, adjust it to the type of format, colour, layouts you want before printing. Always remember to print a test page to check if everything is okay before printing in large batch.

Promote the book

If you get a deal with a publishing house you don’t have to worry about the promoting because that should be the publisher’s responsibility. Rather if you are a self-publisher or you want to take marketing matters into your own hands, you can cooperate with your local bookstores to promote and sell your book, advertise it via a website or some social media ads and campaigns, talk about it at various events you are invited to and so on.

If you have followed all these steps well you should be seeing your book flying all over the shelves in different places in no time.

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