Why you write a Christian book?

Why you write a Christian book?

Inspirations and experience make people write books. Here, we are talking of why you write a Christian book? For as long as I know I have loved writing especially stories and poems. I also enjoy reading, and I knew that one day I will write my own book. Little did I know how the publishing and promoting goes. But today, I’m here to talk about why you should write that Christian book.

To enlighten people about God

Christian books are written to teach people more about what God can do and how He works in our lives. Your greatest asset is a genuine relationship with God. He shares wisdom, insight, and creative ideas with those who are willing to listen and learn. God has the ability to reveal something to you in one moment that may have taken hours to research and learn on your own.

To educate people on their purpose in life

Many people don’t have an idea of what their purpose is in life but with prayer and God guidance things can be changed. No one else on this earth can do what God has called you to do, quite like you can. It simply won’t be marked by the beauty of your individuality. That idea you can’t stop thinking about, or the story you’ve been working on, will be a blessing to someone else. However, if you choose not to answer God’s call, He will find someone else to fulfill that specific need in His Kingdom. Life goes on, and so does purpose.

Prioritize yourself

God is serious about your writing. Are you? If writing is what you truly believe God has called you to do, are you putting in the time and effort that is necessary to work on your assignment? Even if you don’t write every day, I suggest writing consistently and making it a priority. I have found it extremely helpful to make time to write, as opposed to finding time to write.


You will surely face trials and pressure from all angles when you write a book that honors God. Do not allow those trials be the downfall for you rather they were designed to develop and make you stronger. It was not an easy thing to overcome such but God was teaching me so many things about my writing. After a while I got comfortable sharing my stories because the Lord spoke to me that these stories aren’t about me, but for the people reading it. If God has a purpose for you to do something He will equip you with all you need to fulfill that purpose in life.

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